What should you do on the way to the station?

What to Consider on Your Way to the Station
Since 1967, our subway has been a crucial means of transportation for hundreds of thousands of passengers, catering to both the residents of the capital and the guests of our city. To ensure the safety of passenger transportation and enhance service levels, specific rules govern the use of the metro. These rules outline expectations for both metro personnel and passengers. It is essential to emphasize that disregarding these rules could pose risks to human life. To address this, let's examine the potential dangers one might encounter on the way to the station and explore ways to navigate them effectively.
Importance of Safety Awareness
Here are some essential safety precautions to be aware of during your time on the platform:
1.    Belongings on the Station Road: Sometimes, belongings may accidentally fall onto the station road while on the platform. In such instances, it is crucial not to attempt to enter the station road yourself. The station road carries an 825 V electric current, vital for train movement, and is highly dangerous. To retrieve your fallen items, inform metro staff immediately. They are trained to safely recover and return your belongings, ensuring your safety. Remember, it's not worth risking your life for any item.
2.    Passenger Falling on the Station Road: In the unfortunate event of a passenger falling onto the station road due to carelessness, immediate action is necessary. Inform metro employees promptly. If the lights of an approaching train are visible, lie down on the bed between the rails with your head facing down in the direction of the train. Do not move. Even if the train stops over you, remain calm, refrain from panicking, and avoid touching any train equipment. Metro staff are trained to handle such situations and will ensure your safe rescue.
3.    Train Approaching, Lights Not Visible: If you find yourself on the station road, and the lights of the train are not yet visible from the tunnel, it indicates some time before the train arrives. Do not attempt to leave the station road on your own. Immediately inform metro staff. Follow their instructions and move towards the tunnel on the opposite side of the contact rail, away from the expected train. A striped sign at the end of the platform near the tunnel entrance indicates where the first car of the train will stop. Cross the lane sign and patiently wait for the assistance of metro staff. Your life is valuable, and their guidance will ensure your safety.