Mission and Objectives

Baku Metropolitan CJSC has achieved strengthening and expanding relations with field specialists for the fulfillment of its main functional duty. While Baku metro workers previously had mutual cooperation ties with their colleagues from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Tbilisi, wagon disassembly, and wagon repair enterprises, now this circle includes many metros worldwide, equipment manufacturers included in the railway infrastructure of leading countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and others. In recent years, the development of various industrial sectors in Azerbaijan has significantly expanded the possibilities for mutual cooperation in specific production areas of Baku Metropoliten CJSC. The metro has also succeeded in establishing the production of reinforced concrete blocks, medium and major repair of passenger cars, and major repair of traction motors for the first time in the country. Baku Metropoliten CJSC, always open to cooperation proposals, has set as one of its main tasks to develop the metro to modern world standards, taking into account the unique characteristics of Baku metro.
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