Advertising and Commerce

How do we work?

We regulate all processes from the signing of a contract to the end of its validity. Our employees are responsible for the quality of printing, installation of images, as well as constantly monitor the implementation of the project.
Everything from the printing stage to the photo report on the placement is done at a high level. Our team is fully confident in its capabilities and work to ensure effective cooperation and satisfaction.
Compliance with the terms and obligations at any form and stage of interaction with a customer is one of the commitments we take seriously. We are distinguished by a high level of flexibility and professionalism and the absence of a competitor in this field. Hundreds of thousands of people will see your ad every day.
A professional approach to the issue, plus a high level of responsibility, ultimately ensures a comfortable and long-term cooperation with a Customer.

Division by zones

Passenger flow:

 in a day~ 683.384 (october 2023)
in 10 months ~ 177.975.429 (2023)


After the turnstile:
• Platform walls
• Stair walls
• Escalator tops and walls
• Columns
• Passenger carriages

Up to the turnstile:
• Vestibules
• Passageways

VAT is not included in the price.

Branding of columns

Branding of columns
VAT is not included in the price.

Windows of carriages

Windows of carriages
There are only 6 advertising places in one carriage.
The cost of placing an advertisement in each advertising space is 100 AZN per month. Printing and installation costs 20 AZN.
VAT is not included in the price.

Promo campaign

Promo campaign
You can hold a promo campaign at our stations (only in the lobby, corridors and passageways). The cost of the promo campaign at one station (from 08.30 to 18.30) is 150 azn.
3 people can take part in the promo campaign
(1 stand and 1 roll).
VAT is not included in the price.

3 people can participate in the promotion

(1 stand and 1 rollap)

VAT is not included in the price.


You can place your advertisement in the format of video and slide show on the monitors installed in our stations. (Videos have to be 20 seconds in length) VAT is not included in the price.

For advertising orders with a demonstration period of less than 10 days, but not less than 3 days.
For video orders for 30 days at “Icheri Sheher”, “Sahil”, “28 May”, “Ganjlik”, “Nariman Narimanov”, “Koroglu”, “Gara Garayev”, “Neftchilar”, “Khalqlar Dostlugu”, “Ahmadli”, “Hazi Aslanov”, “Nizami”, “Academy of Sciences”, “Inshaatchilar”, “Memar Ajami”, “Nizami”, “Azadlig Prospekti” and “Khatai” stations.
The number of monitors at the stations may vary. Prices are for one monitor.
Videos have to be up to 20 seconds in length. VAT is not included in the price.




Asif Huseynov
Customer service specialist
+994 12 490 00 00 (1838)
+994 50 228 06 72

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