Promoting a Green World and Proper Education: Current Topics Highlighted in Station Campaigns

Promoting a Green World and Proper Education: Current Topics Highlighted in Station Cam...

16 APRIL / 2024 / 11:27

In the spirit of solidarity for a greener world, a series of events are taking place within the Baku Metro as part of the "Year of Solidarity for a Green World." According to the plan, the installation of posters promoting ecological cleanliness continues at metro stations. These posters, crafted specifically for the project, include phrases encouraging the conservation of nature, particularly maintaining the city's sanitary environment clean and avoiding bad habits. Special attention has been given to the wording to ensure the posters are effective.
Additionally, posters focusing on the proper upbringing of the younger generation as a core theme are also being placed in stations. The primary goal is to raise awareness and activity among the public regarding environmental protection and the pressing issues of today.
Currently, in the Baku Metro, 34 posters on ecological topics are displayed across 12 stations, and 13 posters promoting proper education are displayed across 10 stations. These themes are also regularly featured on the monitors located in the metro stations.
It's worth noting that according to the decree dated December 25, 2023, by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, 2024 has been declared the "Year of Solidarity for a Green World" in Azerbaijan. In connection with this, the Baku Metro continues to implement its plan of activities.
Furthermore, the leadership of "Baku Metro" JSC has decided to reintroduce a campaign started in 2022-2023 in a new format. This includes expanding social advertising campaigns such as "Say No to Plastic Waste!" and "Clean Environment and Green Growth."
In the near future, several more examples of promotional posters related to current topics will also be released.