Another electrical substation reconstruction began

Another electrical substation reconstruction began

14 MARCH / 2024 / 14:50

In line with modernising the electric supply to meet current standards, reconstruction has begun on another substation in the Baku metro.

The “28 May” step-down substation, operational for 57 years, requires replacement of its physically aged electrical equipment and devices. Before the dismantling of the old equipment, a temporary alternative source has been created to ensure energy safety and maintain the stability of the electric supply during the reconstruction. Along with the removal of old equipment, a systematic plan for the comprehensive repair of the site, adaptation, and installation of new equipment according to modern standards has been established.

Considering current requirements, all decommissioned equipment will be replaced with modern systems and devices from Siemens, a leading company in this field. Constructing the system with equipment from the same company will allow for more efficient operation and maintenance.

Six transformers at the substation will be completely replaced: two 750 kVA power transformers will be substituted with 1000 kVA equivalents. Additionally, two 320 kVA transformers serving lighting will be replaced with two 400 kVA ones, and two 63 kVA transformers supplying signalling systems will be replaced with 100 kVA ones. The new, more powerful transformers will be more reliable and safer, meeting the most modern standards.

Furthermore, the 6 kV complex distribution devices are distinguished by innovative supply and management systems, reliability, safety, as well as ease of maintenance and efficiency. Among the top technical features of the new installations is the replacement of old oil switches with modern vacuum counterparts. During the reconstruction, each high-voltage line will be provided with its own slot, whereas previously, 2-3 cable lines entered a single slot. These updates will mark a new phase of quality in equipment provision.

Additionally, the 380/220 V distribution structures will be updated with four modern units. The “SIVACON S8” type modern system, a Siemens innovation, is noted for its universality, simplicity, and maximum reliability in energy distribution at all levels.

Moreover, the previous 110 V DC panel will be replaced by a 220 V equivalent. This means that instead of 70, a total of 115 batteries will be installed in the substation, thus achieving a higher level of safety. The emergency panel, static condenser, lighting, and power collection cabinets, and other equipment will also meet new standards.

Overall, in recent years, the accelerated application of innovative engineering solutions during the modernisation and reconstruction of electrical substations, cable lines, and lighting systems to modern standards has further enhanced energy security in the metro. In this sense, 2023 has been notable for the complete renewal of cables used in the sections where lines are divided, replacing those that have been in use for 56 years.