14 September 2020 10:48


In accordance with the requirements of the guidelines

ET-5M escalator No. 1 of Hazi Aslanov station, which was stopped for overhaul in January of this year, was put into operation again. The station's escalator No. 1 has been stopped for the first time since its commissioning.
It should be noted that, in accordance with the relevant technical regulations, ET-5M escalators have to be stopped for overhaul after a riding distance of up to 150,000 km.
During the repair, the main parts and junctions of the escalator were dismantled and inspected, the necessary renovation and repair measures were carried out. All the work was carried out by professional and specialized personnel of the relevant department of the metro for the repair of escalators. In June, the repair of escalators was completed, and test adjustment work was carried out. After successful testing and inspections, the escalator was put into operation.
The escalator service supervised the repair work. In accordance with the requirements of the guidelines, the final testing and handover process was carried out under the supervision of the relevant inspectorate.

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