13 March 2020 12:14

Preventive measures on daily and weekly basis

Various disinfection measures carried out at least once a week on stations and trains

Having carried out its preventive measures at its stations and trains, as well as in administrative and catering facilities since February 21, Baku Metro CJSC has increased its frequency of a wide range of disinfection measures, due to the new coronavirus (COVID-19). It was decided to carry out preventive disinfection measures related to coronavirus on a weekly basis, which were previously carried out twice a month.
The main goal is to increase the effectiveness of preventive sanitary and hygienic measures, and provide passengers with a more healthy, comfortable and safer use of the metro and a higher level of satisfaction and confidence in the sanitary conditions.
Disinfection on trains and stations, as well as on other underground facilities, is carried out by a company that specializes in this area and has been operating for many years with a special license. Corresponding changes have been made to the schedule of disinfection activities. The second round of coronavirus-related activities in Baku Metro is coming to an end.
Trains-related activities
Trains’ disinfection within the second round is coming to an end. Other train carriages are involved in disinfection, with the exception of 3 trains (15 carriages), which are undergoing scheduled maintenance works. A large-scale disinfection of 47 trains (235 carriages) has already been carried out under the supervision of a sanitary and hygienic physician and related structures of the Baku Metro. The process will be finalized this weekend.
Daily activities are also underway, with each train entering the electric depot for service and maintenance going through sanitary and hygienic cleaning, according to the operating guidelines.
According to instructions given on coronavirus, saloon doors (without passengers and staff) of trains moving from “Bakmil” station to “Narimanov” electric depot are kept open during the day, with the carriages ventilated as additional precautions.
Stations-related activities
A wide range of disinfections are applied at the stations at night, after passengers leave the stations and the power lines are disconnected from high voltage. Scheduled preventive measures for entry areas, access, lobby, platform and station paths are carried out under the supervision of specialists and officials. The second round of disinfection works at the stations will be completed by the weekend.
In the meantime, preventive measures are being continued in the daily operating hours. At least 3 times every day, all contact surfaces of the stations are cleaned with disinfectants and the work is kept under constant supervision. By the way, the disinfectants used are not harmful to human health.
Issues under constant consideration
Baku Metro has established a hotline for coronavirus and ensures its 24-hour round-the-clock operation. Call 964 and (012) 490 00 00 to get more information about coronavirus cases in the Baku metro. All information is provided promptly and accurately to the applicant.
Baku Metro CJSC is implementing its coronavirus-related activities in coordination with the Operational Headquarters under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan, complies with its tasks and recommendations, and ensures that relevant issues of the metro are met effectively.
As part of the activities started from late January, significant measures are being undertaken to educate the employees, with  recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan being widely promoted among them, and necessary conditions being created for them to comply with sanitary and hygienic standards.
Appeal to passengers
"Baku Metro" CJSC urges its passengers to strictly adhere to the sanitary and hygienic requirements for their health, and to actively cooperate and be unanimous and in solidarity with the metro employees on this issue. Preventing the littering of stations and trains and keeping the stations and trains clean is essential to the health of everyone.
The inevitable requirement of the day and duty of all of us as citizens are to avoid such cases as littering all contact surfaces of the stations with medical supplies, food and culinary products, including active and sustainable microbial carriers.


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